Muscular training

Thanks to its 60 years of  experience among physiotherapists, and our know how within the MultiForm sister company ( which belongs to the same group Armony), Genin is able to offer numerous muscular reinforcement devices:

  • Multi-function or multi-user machines with angle settings for a maximum of exercices in a minimum space.
  • A range of air machine including a dozen references covering all muscle groups. They require an air compressor and enable fineadjustment of weight with buttons.
  • A range of hydraulic machines, space-saving, ideal for musclal training for women and seniors.
  • A range of cardio equipment: bikes without enjambment , recumbent bikes, aquabike  , crosstrainers, …
  • Weight machines adjusted with 0.5 kg increment on a horizontal legpress for example.
  • A complete range for disabled people with adapted accessibility for wheelchairs