Pulley therapy

Pulley therapy concerns rehabilitation performed with a pulley cage, a wire netting roof and all associated accessories: sand bags, counterweights, booties, strapes, wedges, cushions of any form, …etc

Genin Medical offers several possibilities of cages, all of them are steel meshed, 2mm thick :

  • Wire netting roof,
  • Angle cage,
  • Netting wall + roof,
  • Complete pulley therapy cage.

We associate to them many accessories :

  • 12 cushions of different shapes : cylindrical, semi cylindrical, trapezoidal, rectangular, neck, pillow …
  • Suspension straps
  • Heel pieces,
  • Booties,
  • Immobilization straps,
  • Pulling handles,
  • Sand bags,
  • Head weights,
  • etc…