Genin, more than 60 years of know how and innovations

At Genin Medical, as well as in the other sister companies of the Armony Group (Multiform and Multiwell), we are convinced that designing new equipments is of paramount importance to develop market shares worldwide.

With more than 60 years of manufacturing experience, Genin is synonymous of state of the art massage couches. We are proud to offer you versatile couches suitable for a wide range of manual therapy techniques. Our R&D department is conatanly working to develop new products and enhance existing ones to give you the opportunity to perform your job with unrivalled equipment.

Genin Medical also manufactures rehabilitation equipment, and benefit from the sinergy with a sister company, MultiForm, to include in its range a unique patented technical feature: eccentric work out. Backed up by numerous bibliography, eccentric work out is known to improve strength, resistance, and speed up recovery.