Our manufacturing unit integrates the whole fabrication cycle of our products. Our factory is regularly inspected, according to the social and environmental regulations in force in France.

The assembly of the common modules is made with a welding robot. The finishing and differentiation of the products is done manually. The steel used is more than 90% recyclable.
First, the parts are cleaned in a special cleaning cabin where rejections are collected, avoiding any impact on the environment.
Then the parts are painted using epoxy paint. We retrieve the paint powder, according to the strictest regulations on health and environment.
Finally they are heated up to 200°C to definitely fix the paint.
We have our own upholstery workshop.
We offer many colors and materials, including pure leather. Upholsteries are tight edges or sewn edges, depending on the table. The materials used are fireproof, category M1
The assembly is done with a big attention on quality and traceability.
Our workers are experienced and they perfectly know the products.
Quality Control
Traceability : each table has its own manufacturing sheet and is fully checked before delivery.
Our products are very heavy. Consequently our packages are carefully done to avoid problems during shipment. (vacuum heated plastic, binding on the pallets, …)