Armony, a human size group

The well-being trilogy

Armony group is made of three companies with complementary activities, and working toward a common goal: the well-being of the body.

MultiForm’ (fitness, body building)

Génin (rehabilitation, physiotherapy)

Multiwell’ ( a global slimming concept)

All together, these three companies offer a global and coherent solution with   products for fitness , rehabilitation and slimming, justifying our ambition, the well-being trilogy.



Setting-up of d’Armony
Yves Minguet sets-up Armony and buys out Multiform a company specialised in the design and manufacturing of fitness  and body building equipment. Since then, we have become leader  on this market.
The acquisition of the company Génin first expends the activity
We have taken the expertise of this company which, since 1947, had developped  the manufacturing of massage tables and   rehabilitation equipment; today, we are the leading French manufacturer  of physiontherapy and osteopathy tables, sector in which the company Genin has been a reference for over 60 years.
Armony adds a third activity
With Multiwell products,  we propose a global slimming concept based on individual  assessment and a personalized slimming programme  combining several techniques: impedance analysis, diet programme based on a diet software, lowfrequency ultrasounds,  electrostimulation, pressure and vacuum massages, essential oil treatments…


Some key figures

Turnover 2010 : 6.5 M. of euros (1/4 for export)
Human resources: more than 40 employees
Production area : 6500 M2