Sustainable development.

For GENIN, the sustainable development policy is not an empty word: for many years, all our investments have taken into account a long-run vision of society and our direct impact on it.
Therefore, we have taken some measures while giving a sense of responsabilities to our team:

  • Purchase strategy to reduce energy costs due to transport: delivery of larger bundles of steels to reduce carriages
  • Eco responsible circuits have been placed: on-site waste sorting, recycling water circuit cleaning machines before painting,  recycling paint shop powders, recycling steel, which represents 90% of our row material
  • Reorganization of the logistic circuits to facilitate the movement of the product throughout the factory, at each phase of the production onto shipment.
  • Paperless records, particularly tenders, ; more visio conferencing, reinforced Internet policy…


We offer each cutomer the most suitable solution and a local service. We act as a responsible company with our partners, our consultants and suppliers and fully assume our commitments.


These sustainable development and eco-citizenship policies give our company a positive  and responsible image our customers appreciate.
Our enterprise culture matches with our size: it is based on human being, individual’s respect. We commit ourselves to build trust in our relationship with customers, and base our relationship with our partners upon exchanges.